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1. What causes the brake pads noise when braking and how to fix it?
Modern brake systems use cast iron brake disc squeezed between two brake pads and as a result of the friction between them brake disc reduces its speed and stops. At certain conditions, brake pads, mounted in brake calipers can start to vibrate in the same way as a violin string vibrates. Vehicle speed and the force applied on the brake pedal can change the noise level, as it is determined by the hardness and weight of the pad and the disc.
Quiet please!
One way to tackle this problem is simply to replace the pads with a different friction material. Usually changing to an aftermarket premium metallic or ceramic pad just might change the interaction that affects the resonant frequency of the pad and disc and, literally, change its tune. 
You can achieve the same result by installing anti-vibration shims between the pad and the caliper to prevent transmission of vibration of the pad on the caliper piston. Another way is to cover the back of the pad with high temperature grease, but unlike anti-vibration shims, pad surface can be washed away after a certain time.

2. Why change Coil Springs?
To improve road handling;
To return the vehicle to the correct ride height;
To maintance tyre contact with the road surface;
To improve wheel alignment;
To save money by increasing shock absorber life;

3. When should Coil Springs be changed?
When broken-always replace in axle pairs ;
When fatigued (sagging)-always replace in axle pairs ;
Shock absorber should also be replaced at the same time-always replace in the axle pairs ;;

4.Why change Suspension Mount Kits?
To make steering easier, smoother and more precise; 
To reduce vibrations; 
To improve road handling;
To Improve Wheel alignment;
To save money by increasing shock absorber life,No extra labour time if changing in the same as shock absorber 

5.When should Suspension kits be changed?
Each time the shock absorber are replaced 
When the steering is hard and noisy.