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Brake pads / shoes are part of the braking system of vehicle and are directly related to the safety of passengers and driver, and therefore must be maintained in good condition and their replacement should be made on time.  Brake pads are always changed on the two wheels at the same axle of the car. 

when you find that the thickness of the brake pads are below the safety limits; noise (scraping) appears when you press the brake pedal, greater effort on the brake pedal needed to slow down or stop the car, etc.

Carman Brake pad are asbestos-free and reduced content of metal particles and provide not only a perfect, quiet braking, but also protect the brake discs from damage and rapid wear. As a result of specially developed, high-quality mixtures used,Carman brake pads have:
• Optimal braking in all range of operating temperatures
• Quiet and comfortable braking
• Minimal wear on brake discs
• Braking without vibration
• High resistance to corrosion

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brake pads / shoes
brake pads / shoes
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